Measure the ROI of television advertising campaigns of your advertising brands.

DYNAMIC-TV is the definitive solution to obtain real-time statistics of the interactions that viewers make with television advertisements through an APP on their mobile and measure the return and impact quickly, easily and effectively.

Create your campaign FREE and WITHOUT COMMITMENT.

More than 30 million television viewers at your fingertips.

The definitive solution to measure the ROI of your advertising brands on television.

Amplify the limits of your TV spot and boost your brand's engagement with viewers.


Measure the ROI of each ad in real time.

Know quickly, easily and effectively the impact of TV campaigns and receive updated statistics on the interactions of viewers such as web traffic, followers in RRSS, APP downloads, applied coupons, newsletter subscribers, reservations made and much more.

Increase audience engagement with your brand.

Empower the communication power of your ad by amplifying its interaction possibilities.
We drive viewers' purchasing decisions with your brand.

And all this for how much?

User interactions and premium licenses are FREE and NO OBLIGATION until January 2021.


¿How does it work?


Register and create an agency account on the platform, add your brands and activate the campaigns of their ads broadcast on TV.

Users interact with the APP to access exclusive promotions, discount coupons, personalized offers and all the details of the brand at the click of a button.

Interactions translate into detailed, real-time statistics so you can measure ROI and the impact of each ad on TV more effectively.

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© 2020. DYNAMIC-TV. All rights reserved.

© 2020. DYNAMIC-TV. All rights reserved.